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The Academie Colarossi

Academie Colarossi Paris

he Academie Colarossi was one of many art schools in Paris. It would seem that Ramsay enrolled there because it was close to his studio, the fees were cheap at 500 francs a year and models of all types were available.

Ramsay wrote to Baldwin Spencer in Australia:

‘I am quite settled down now in Paris to hard work, and what a grand place it is to work in. You simply get drawn into the swim. I am working at Colarossi’s Atelier, taking Mr Longstaff’s advice. Start in the morning here at 8 and work until 12, and then again at night from 7 till 10…I’ve had some good criticisms at Colarossi’s which included some slatings that I thoroughly deserved, and which have done me a lot of good.’